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Avoid Using These Fireworks This 4th Of July Due To Increased Injury Risks

Avoid Using These Fireworks This 4th Of July Due To Increased Injury RisksWho doesn't look forward to this time of year? Not only do we get to celebrate our country's independence, but we also get to spend times with friends and family at barbecues, and spend the evening watching spectacular fireworks shows. The popping and crackling noises amaze, and the vivid colors, leave you craving for more. However, it is always important to remember that these fun accessories also pose an injury risk, especially when they are defective, or malfunctioning.

We often take smoke bombs, snakes, and even Roman candles for granted. Our children play around them, and are even, allowed to hold certain types, like sparklers. If you have already purchased your firepower for this year's show, you should pay extra close attention to the information provided in this post. Stay injury-free, and keep your friends, family members, and neighbors safe this July 4th, for a more pleasurable and exhilarating experience.
Approximately 36,100 Affected Units
American Promotional Events issued a recall on TNT Red, White, & Blue Smoke fireworks. After lighting the fuse, rather than merely smoking, like they are intended to do,... read article

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3 Ways You Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Car Accident Case

3 Ways You Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Car Accident CaseIf you get into a car accident, you sustain an injury, and you are not responsible for causing the accident, what happens afterwards is clear. You should get an experienced accident lawyer and go to court to get what you are owed in the costs for medical treatment, loss of job or income, or any other form of financial compensation. But you only get that financial compensation if you win your case in court, or the other party, knowing you have a strong case, agrees to a settlement outside of court to resolve the situation.

There are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you and your accident lawyer have a strong case that convinces a jury in court, or even convinces the other party not to go to court at all, and settle instead. But there are also things you can do that can seriously hurt your chances of success even if you’re in the right. Here are three things you should not to do if you don’t want to hurt your case.
Leave The Scene Without Reporting
This is probably... read article

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These Shock And Electrocution Risks Pose A Threat To Your Safety

These Shock And Electrocution Risks Pose A Threat To Your SafetyTwo product recalls stand out among the rest because of the threat that they pose to your safety. One of them involves an increased risk of shock, while the other poses an increased electrocution hazard. The reason that these two stand out is because the risks are so closely related. Products are supposed to be safe for consumers to use, but that is not always the case. Stay informed about product recalls like these to keep you and your family safe.
Recall Issued On Approximately 1,700 Units
Extech has issued a recall on about 1,700 digital clamp meters. These tools are often used by electricians or hands-on homeowners to measure AC/DC voltage, resistance, capacitance, frequency, temperature, continuity, and diode. Only models with the serial numbers ranging between R15XXXXXXX to R17XXXXXXX are affected. It is printed on the back of the unit, and the company logo is on the front. Model numbers include…


These meters can provide you with an improper reading, causing you to believe that the power is off or low. Severe personal injuries and death can occur if you attempt to work... read article

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What You Need To Know About Summer Camp Injuries

What You Need To Know About Summer Camp InjuriesSending your kids off to summer camp is a great way to help them make friends, enjoy the weather, and pursue the activities they love. You take time and effort to choose a camp you can trust to care for your most precious loved ones. You make sure they understand the rules and are sent off with all the supplies they could need. However, even at the best summer camps, injuries can happen. So what do you do if your child is injured in an accident at summer camp? Who is responsible?
Understanding Fault In Common Summer Camp Injuries
Liability and negligence are complex in summer camp injuries. In order to make a claim for your child’s injury, you need to understand the common summer camp injuries and how a camp may be negligent in preventing them:

Sports-Related Injuries: Since most summer camp activities are physical, most injuries are sports related. In general these injuries will happen through no fault of anyone else. However, if children are not properly supervised during these activities, given dangerous instructions or pushed too hard, the camp may be liable.... read article

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Taking Care Of Your Swimming Pool Can Keep You Out Of Trouble

Taking Care Of Your Swimming Pool Can Keep You Out Of TroubleOne of the great things about Florida and its weather is that homeowners can enjoy the luxury of a swimming pool in the backyard all year round. In some cases, the swimming pool may even be the crown jewel of a home, being the centerpiece for all the good times that family and friends have when they enter a home.

This is one of the reasons why it’s so important to make sure you take good care of your pool, especially the water quality. Because if you don’t, you may actually find yourself in some legal trouble.
Injuries Aren’t Just Physical
One thing we like to stress here is that personal injury cases can arise from carelessness in the environment that can lead to injuries. Wet tile near the swimming pool, can cause a slip and fall. Improper fencing can lead to children being lured to the pool and possibly drowning, which a homeowner can be held accountable for. But the dangers that a pool presents aren’t just in the form of physical injuries, but bacterial risks as well.

Water is an ideal medium... read article

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Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Summer Road Trip Safety TipsSummer road trips are an American tradition. Seeing the country, visiting friends in far off places, and enjoying the great outdoors, can be a blast. However, long hours on unfamiliar roads, in all different kinds of weather can put your trip and safety at risk for an accident. To keep you safe on the road, here are some safety tips to ensure you’ll have a great time on your summer road trip this year:
Before Hitting The Road
1. Stop By Your Mechanic For A Tune Up

Make sure to have your tire pressure, battery, belts, fluids, and air conditioner checked and have any necessary repairs done. Many accidents are caused simply by vehicle malfunction.

2. Talk To Your Insurance Agent

Every state has different insurance laws. The coverages that protect you in Florida, may not protect you in another state. Make sure that you have adequate coverage for wherever you are visiting.

3. Plan Your Route

It can be fun to go off the beaten path to get to your destination, but just make sure that the route you take avoids any roads with hazards like construction or recent weather damage. It’s... read article

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Technology Makes Everything Better Until It Puts Your Safety In Jeopardy

Technology Makes Everything Better Until It Puts Your Safety In Jeopardy In this modern technological era, it seems as if you can not accomplish anything without the help of a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Even newer model vehicles come equipped with wifi capabilities, GPS functionality, and various other pieces of equipment that make traveling easier. However, along with all of these convenient bells, and whistles, comes the increased risk of something going wrong, either while the vehicle is in operation, or just while it is parked.

If a piece of this technologically advanced equipment malfunctions, your vehicle can stall, not crank in the first place, and put your safety in jeopardy. Anyone that has ever become stranded, on the side of the road, with their car broke down, knows that it is a dangerous place to remain for an extended amount of time. Other drivers tend to zip past you, with little concern for your well-being, and all it takes is one mishap for tragedy to strike. Keep your eyes and ears on full alert, and stay informed about recalls that can leave you with pain and misery, and hopefully, our St.... read article

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Broken Wiper Blades Lead To Obstructed Visibility And May Result In You Needing A Car Crash Lawyer

Broken Wiper Blades Lead To Obstructed Visibility And May Result In You Needing A Car Crash LawyerYou never know how much you miss something until it is gone. This saying is perhaps one of the most impressive because it speaks the truth. Our lives are often full of regrets, either we should have done this, or that, for different results to various things. The same can be said for many of the functioning pieces on our vehicles. For instance, your horn is seldom blown, but it is expected to work without a hitch when you need it the most.

However, other parts are necessities and should perform at a high level at all times, including lights, wipers, airbags, and more. Malfunctioning, defective, and even unreliable equipment can lead to increased risks of crashes, burns, and fire hazards, which puts drivers and passengers in danger. Personal injuries can be sustained, of different severities, whenever accidents occur and may lead to you needing a car crash lawyer.

If you or a passenger have been injured in an accident, from no fault of your own, and due to a recalled product or vehicle, contact our... read article

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Beware Of Falling Light Fixture Components At Home, Or While Shopping, To Avoid Injuries

Beware Of Falling Light Fixture Components At Home, Or While Shopping, To Avoid InjuriesLight fixtures can enhance the beauty of a room, brighten or dim, to create a lovely atmosphere, and even add appeal while they are turned off. They are a necessity for many of the daily tasks that we take for granted, including reading, writing, and more. Dangers, posed to us from walking under light fixtures, rarely cross our minds, but this recall is proof that they need to be taken more seriously. Not many folks want to be walking around their home, or a store, only to get bopped on the head by falling debris from the ceiling. However, things dropping from high above are made a reality with these lighting accessories.
Unexpectedly Falling Objects
Lithonia Lighting issued a recall on LED light fixtures with a model number of LBL4W. The plastic diffuser lens can become detached and fall, posing an increased risk of injury from the impact. Cuts, bruises, scrapes, and more, are all possibilities. The company has not received any reports of any injuries occurring, but six are on file about loose or falling lenses. These light fixtures... read article

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Don't Let This Recalled Baby Gate Pose A Threat To Your Child's Safety

Don't Let This Recalled Baby Gate Pose A Threat To Your Child's SafetyAs parents, we typically tend to go above and beyond to keep our kids safe. Preparations to make your home a safer place begin, before your little bundle of joy is even born. Outlet covers, baby gates, monitors and various other types of safety equipment are installed, in hopes of keeping the child, or children, free from harm, but what happens, when the apparatus, device, or tool is to blame for damage?

Talking about injuries to a child is never easy, but it is an unfortunate side-effect of life. Kids become injured, just the same as adults, and medical bills and other expenses can get out of hand quickly. Your family may be entitled to fair compensation if you, your child, or another member of the household becomes injured due to a defective product. We have been representing residents in St. Petersburg and surrounding areas for years, and we would like to let you know that we are here, if you are ever in need of our services.
Approximately 25,180 Affected Units In The United States
Besides this massive number of baby... read article

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Electrical Components And Water Don't Always Mix

Electrical Components And Water Don't Always MixOne of the little pleasures that life has to offer is going for a dip in your swimming pool. When the hot Florida sun is beating down, your pool offers you relaxation, fun, and most importantly, a place to beat the heat. There are multiple parts required to keep your water crystal clear and ready to go, and some of them, need electricity to function properly, like the motor. However, water and electrical components can be a deadly combination when the piece malfunctions.

Becoming shocked, or electrocuted, is a painful situation, that is not always avoidable. It can lead to a brain injury, broken bones, if you fall and land awkwardly, burns, and even death.

Be extra careful about what you touch, especially while you and your swimming attire are soaking wet. Touching a metal surface, that is not properly grounded, is going to lead to you having a horrible day.
Recall Issued For This Swimming Pool Motor
Nidec Motor Corporation issued a recall for variable speed swimming pool motors with a programmable user interface on the top. They will have “Emerson” or “EcoTech EZ” printed on the... read article

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Something As Simple As Cutting The Grass Could Lead To You Needing An Attorney

Something As Simple As Cutting The Grass Could Lead To You Needing An AttorneyWith summer in full bloom, it seems as if the grass never stops growing. Bees and other flying insects fly about, while flowers and plants thrive. The sun feels much hotter than at other times of the year, but we must keep our yards manicured, for aesthetic appeal, as well as, safety. We understand that risks are involved with these types of activities, but we do not expect a malfunctioning piece of equipment to be the culprit behind the dangers.

Flammable fluids, spinning blades, and multiple other hazards can contribute to your safety being jeopardized. Consumers purchase battery-operated, or electric mowers, chainsaws, trimmers, and more, for convenience, and to eliminate the harmful fumes, and fire hazards, associated with lawn equipment. However, anything human-made can be defective, break, or falter eventually, but manufacturers take on responsibilities, whenever they deem their products to be safe for use and sell them to the public for monetary gain.

Have you been injured due to a defective part, a recalled product, or a malfunctioning piece of equipment? Do you live in St. Petersburg or a... read article

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What Happens When Someone Dies In A Car Accident

What Happens when Someone Dies in a Car AccidentWhen Walter got his green turn arrow, he pulled forward and proceeded to make his left hand turn. Walter was driving his Ford F-150 pickup truck, and was on his way to work where he worked as a mechanic, when suddenly, a station wagon ran the red light and crashed into Walter's truck.

The lady who was driving the station wagon told the police that she was turned around, telling her kids to be quiet, when she ran the red light. The lady and her four children were taken to the hospital by ambulance. Walter was pronounced dead at the scene.

Walter's grown children, Jim and Susan, flew in from Michigan and Ohio, to comfort their mother, Sharon. Sharon was in no shape to take of anything, so Jim and Susan decided to hire GetMeJustice, and their attorneys took care of everything right away.

First, everyone needed to decide who was going to be Walter's personal representative since Walter had died without a will. In Florida, only the personal representative can bring a Wrongful Death Claim. Everyone decided that Jim would be to be... read article

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What Percentage Of Auto Accidents Go To Trial?

What Percentage of Auto Accidents Go to Trial?Cindy had been stopped on the freeway during rush hour when a pickup truck slammed into the back of her car. She was hurt and her car was totaled, but the amount the insurance company offered wouldn’t even cover her medical bills. Her husband, Jim, told her to call a personal injury lawyer.

“No,” said Cindy, her fingers getting white as she squeezed the edge of the table. Visions of herself sitting in the courtroom, a hostile lawyer barking questions at her, the jury staring, everyone looking at her, filled her mind.

“I’m sorry, I just can’t do that.”

Deep down, Cindy knew the insurance company was cheating her. Her car had been totaled, she’d suffered injuries, and she’d missed time from work. But there was just no way she could go through the process of a jury trial.

Cindy is not unusual in being terrified of public speaking, as it’s the most commonly reported fear in surveys. The feeling of getting up in front of others and being judged by a group causes anxiety in the vast majority of us. We might imagine the dramatic... read article

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Bicycle And Car Accident: Who Is At-Fault?

Bicycle and Car Accident:  Who is At-Fault?Bella was riding her bike to the beach. It was a beautiful morning and she was going to meet some of her girlfriends for some sun and swimming. Because it was a Saturday morning, traffic was heavy. However, Bella was making good time in her bike lane. Suddenly, an SUV in the lane immediately to Bella's left made a right turn into a beach parking lot, causing Bella to crash her bike into the passenger's side door of the SUV. Bella went flying and landed on the parking lot asphalt, breaking her right collarbone.

The woman immediately got out of her SUV and started yelling at Bella. "Why don't you look where you are going?" The woman complained. "Look! You scratched my new Escalade!"

Bella grabbed her right arm in agony and begged the woman to call an ambulance. The woman called the police instead. After the police arrived, they called an ambulance, and Bella was taken to the hospital. Shortly thereafter, the police arrived and gave Bella a ticket for causing the accident.
Bella was hurt, and angry. There was no way that accident was her fault!

Unfortunately,... read article

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This Fuel Pump Failure Increases Your Risk Of Being Involved In A Crash

This Fuel Pump Failure Increases Your Risk Of Being Involved In A Crash Your vehicle's fuel pump, not only sends the right amount of pressure through your fuel lines, but it also plays a significant role in the overall functionality of your car. Without receiving the proper amount of diesel, gas, or another alternative fuel, automobiles become stalled, and immovable, which poses a risk to your safety. The particular recall, being brought to your attention, involves various types of cars, and firetrucks are among them. Emergency vehicles are kept in pristine condition, to handle the heavy workloads, but when they can not get to the location, bad things tend to happen.

Traveling at high speed, and having the engine stall, increases your chances of being involved in an accident. Most new vehicles come equipped with power steering, and as a motor loses power, control becomes a concern, which puts all drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in the area at risk. If you become injured due to a faulty fuel pump, or another defective automotive part, contact our office for a free case review to see what your legal options are. You may... read article

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What To Do If Your Employer Retaliates After Worker’s Comp Claim

What To Do If Your Employer Retaliates After Worker’s Comp ClaimWhen you are injured on a job when performing your duties, you are entitled to worker’s compensation. Even though by Florida state law, your employer has to pay on valid claims, they may not be happy. When you file a claim, it often increases your employer’s premiums. This extra cost may cause some employers to discourage filing claims or in extreme cases, may lead to retaliation against. What happens if you file a legitimate worker’s compensation and suddenly your employer starts treating you poorly because of it?
How Employers Can Retaliate
After a worker’s compensation claim, your employer may start treating you unfairly because they are upset about the claim. Here are some of the ways an employer may retaliate:

Firing You: Legally, your employer cannot fire you for filing a worker’s compensation claim or taking medical leave. However, they may find some other excuse to dismiss you after filing a claim.
Refusing To Accommodate Your Injury: Under the Americans With Disabilities Act, employers must make accommodations for your injuries. In some cases, employers will not make accommodations in hopes it will... read article

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Understanding Wrongful Death After A Construction Accident

Understanding Wrongful Death After A Construction AccidentThe sudden death of a loved one is something that no one is prepared to endure and very few are prepared to handle. Unfortunately, work-related deaths do occur in the construction industry. Having a reference list in place in case of emergencies is a proactive way to ensure you and your family don’t have to deal with the added on stress of making certain decisions in the moment. The last thing a grieving family should have to deal with is handling the financial aspect of laying a family member to rest. Here are a few things you should know about making sure your family is secure in the event of a wrongful death caused by a construction accident.
Wrongful Death and Worker’s Compensation
The state of Florida generally provides the surviving benefactors of a construction worker who dies while performing work related duties worker’s compensation benefits. The benefits would sum a total of $150,000 and include $7,500 for funeral expenses, compensation to any dependants, as well as educational benefits for the surviving spouse. The benefits can be claimed up to one year following the accident or... read article

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How To Recognize A Traumatic Brain Injury

How To Recognize A Traumatic Brain InjuryThere are several injuries that have delayed symptoms and do not show up until well after the accident. One minute you are going along fine, thinking you escaped the worst of the accident except for that stiff neck, and the next minute you are in the emergency room being treated for a traumatic brain injury (TBI). Often times, the symptoms of TBI are delayed. You may not realize the severity of your injury until weeks after your accident. TBI is a complicated injury that can be life altering, so if you’ve been in an accident, especially one where you hit your head, you need to understand the early warning signs and see a doctor immediately.
What To Do After Any Accident
When you’ve been injured in an accident whether at home, on the road, or at work, it is imperative you see a doctor immediately. Many times we may think we are okay or will be fine in a couple of days, so we don’t visit the doctor. However, in cases of TBI the sooner you see the doctor, the better. Not only because TBI is... read article

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Don’t Let Social Media Damage Your Injury Case

Don’t Let Social Media Damage Your Injury CaseSocial media like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great ways to connect with friends and family around the globe. It’s a space to share thoughts, experiences, joy, and pain. However, it because much more than a casual tool to connect with people when you have suffered an injury you are seeking compensation for. Individuals can use social media to find out more about a person and insurance companies have certainly taken note of it as well.
How Social Media Can Work Against You
Insurance companies realize that they can find out a lot about you and your level of activity just by reading the things you post to social media. They, in turn, can use this information against you in cases of personal injury claims. They will use any information they can to make it look like your claim is fraudulent or will reduce the amount of money you may be awarded. Follow these social media guidelines to ensure you and your attorney have the strongest case possible.

Google Yourself: Look into your own history to check for anything that insurance claims adjustors might be... read article

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