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What Is Pain And Suffering Costing You

What Is Pain And Suffering Costing YouAccidents can leave a lot of pain and suffering in its wake, but how much is your pain and suffering really costing you? During a personal injury case, “pain and suffering” is an amorphous term that often comes up, but many believe it to just be another way to get another thousand out of someone. However, it is a bit more complicated and serious than that.
What Is “Pain And Suffering”?
Pain and suffering is a legal term that refers to a variety of injuries that a plaintiff may suffer as a result of an accident. It not only encompasses physical pain, but also emotional and mental injuries such as anxiety, insomnia, depression, and post-traumatic stress. In almost every injury case, the plaintiff should be able to recover some amount even if rather small – and sometimes very large – for pain and suffering damages.
A Life Put On Hold
Pain and grief are very subjective feelings and even if you were to put two people through the same traumatic event, you'd still end up with different results.

For example, imagine two drivers get into a car accident. Both... read article

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What You Should Know About Fire Safety

What You Should Know About Fire SafetyAs much as we would like to believe that it will never happen to us, fires happen more often than we’d like to admit. Every year, thousands of homes go up in smoke and will many unable to make it out alive or in one piece. In order to keep yourself from being part of the statistic, here are some fire safety tips you should know about.
Smoke Alarms Are A Must
The majority of deaths in a house fire happen due to a lack of smoke alarms or whose batteries are dead. Not only should you make sure to have smoke alarms around the house, but you should keep them in working order. Even if you live in an apartment, you should ensure that smoke alarms are around and functional. It is recommended that you test your smoke alarm once a month.
Stay Low
Despite what you may think, smoke kills more often than the heat of the flames. Many homes are full of materials that will release toxic fumes when burned that are terribly harmful to your lungs. That aside, the carbon monoxide from the smoke itself... read article

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The VW Engine Chief And The Emissions Scandal

The VW Engine Chief And The Emissions ScandalThe Volkswagen scandal has been the topic of conversation for a few months now and we have only just begun understanding the situation. Recently, it has been found that more vehicles have been effected by the emissions-cheating devices.

While the Volkswagen executive is ultimately responsible for engine development during this crucial period, it is actually Wolfgang Hatz that is the center of the company's emissions-cheating scandal. However, it remains unclear whether he or the executives above him knew about the cheating that has taken place.

In 2007, Wolfgang Hatz had only taken over the engine development at Volkswagen for a few months and had already faced a potential challenge. Many regulators were seeking to reduce global-warming gases released by automobiles every day. This step had yet to be taken in the United States at the time. Wolfgang had suggested many times that such a task would be impossible and even stated "From my point of view, the CARB is not realistic" of the California Air Resources Board. These remarks can still be found on an auto website during a technology demonstration hosted by Volkswagen.
Volkswagen Admitting... read article

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Top 5 Terrible Motorcyclist Habits

Top 5 Terrible Motorcyclist HabitsNo matter how much of a “good” rider you are, it’s likely that you have picked up a few bad habits and poor attitudes along the way. These can easily develop over time even without you realizing it. That is until we experience that close call or if you find yourself in an accident that may result in life-long changes.

In order to keep you safe on the road, here are a few bad habits that you want to avoid.

1) Believing That You Are A Better Rider Than You Are

Even if you consider yourself to be an "experienced" rider, that doesn't make you a proficient rider. Make sure to practice basic motorcycle safety and defensive driving during all your rides whether it is your first time on the road or your hundredth time. In fact, it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a motorcycle tip and safety course if at all possible.

2) Assuming The Coast Is Clear

One of the most problematic situations you can get yourself into is when a motorcycle approaches an intersection with other drivers waiting to turn left across the rider’s land. A portion... read article

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Are You A Victim Of A Hit And Run

Are You A Victim Of A Hit And RunWhen you are the victim of a hit and run accident, not only are you feeling the physical pain of the incident, but also a blur of emotions. You may find yourself feel confused and helpless. Why would someone hit you? Even worse, why would they hit you and not have the conscience to stop to make sure that you are okay? Without anyone to directly blame, it's hard to know whether you will be able to get the financial compensation you need to recover.
What To Do And Not To Do After A Hit And Run
Firstly, after being involved in a hit and run, do not attempt to pursue the other party. It might seem like the right thing to do, but it’s not likely that you will catch them and even if you do it could lead to a confrontation that ends poorly. It may even lead to additional accidents or you may worsen your injuries. Instead, gather as much information about the driver and vehicle as possible.

As you can imagine, being the victim of a hit and run accident can... read article

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Contusions Versus Concussions

Contusions Versus ConcussionsFor an issue as problematic as traumatic brain injury is, one may think that all the different forms it can take that would be widely known and understood. However, traumatic brain injury or TBI, is much more complicated than all that. The brain is a delicate organ that is responsible for so much of our abilities and despite giant leaps in medical understanding and technology, there is still a lot we don’t understand including traumatic brain injury.

Though our skull is thankfully protecting our brains from most injury, it cannot protect it from everything and occasionally is partially responsible for the injury. Due to the many complicated tasks assigned to the brain, TBI can come in several different forms and it can be hard to differ between the types. One of the most common errors to make is assuming that contusions and concussions are the same thing. Though they are similar, there are some key differences between the two.

It is important to acknowledge that they do have a few qualities in common including:

Both are head injuries caused by trauma
Both are surprisingly common
Both are very serious conditions that could lead... read article

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The Basics Of Burn Injuries

The Basics Of Burn InjuriesLighting a few candles can really add some romance to your life or maybe you find yourself using chemicals to do your job. However, you must always process with caution or else you may be one of many suffering from severe burns. According to the National Institute of Health, more than 2 million people in the United States require medical attention and treatment for burns each year, and between 3,000 and 4,000 die of severe burns. Burn injuries are especially common in the elderly population and young children.

Burns are injuries to skin tissue caused by electricity, heat, radiation, or chemicals. The most common burns are the result of heat exposure including fire, steam, tar, or hot liquids. Burns that are caused by chemicals are similar to thermal burns, whereas burns caused by radiation, sunlight and electricity tend to differ greatly.

The majority of thermal and chemical burns occur because heat or chemicals contact part of the body’s surface, usually the skin. Severe surface burns can sometimes penetrate past the skin to deeper body structures, such as fat, muscle, or bone. When the skin tissue is burned, fluid... read article

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What You Should Know About Household Fires

What You Should Know About Household FiresEvery year household fires, often caused by smoking, kill thousands of residents and cost billions of dollars in property damages. The National Fire Protection Association states that fire departments across the United States responded to more than 380,000 household fires resulting in 13,300 civilian injuries, 3,030 civilian deaths and $6.7 billion in direct damage.

The majority of these deaths, 82 percent, were a result of home fire. A household fire can include dwellings, duplexes, apartments, townhouses, row homes, and condominiums. It is also important to note that 74 percent of reported home fire deaths result from fires in homes without a working smoke alarm.
Smoke Is Often More Dangerous Than The Flames
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, most victims of fires die from the smoke or toxic gases rather than the burns. Smoke inhalations occur when you inhale oxygen during or nearby a fire. Smoke is the result of combustion or the rapid breakdown of a substance by heat. Breathing in this mixture of heated particles and gases results in a lack of oxygen that causes asphyxiation.

Chemical irritants can worsen this condition even further.... read article

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What Not To Do After An Accident

What Not To Do After An AccidentThere are quite a few things you are probably feeling after your accident and there are several things you should avoid too. One of the most important things to do after an accident is to collect the evidence in order to make a solid claim with your insurance provider so you can receive the financial compensation you need to recover after an accident.

In order for you to have the best chance at a proper settlement, here are just a few things to avoid.
If you exaggerate or minimize your injuries to your lawyer, doctor, or insurance company, you could hurt your chances for financial compensation. Exaggerating your injuries is going to make you seem untrustworthy and your case may be thrown out entirely. Minimizing your injuries could mean that you don’t get the financial compensation you need to recover. Even if you feel like there was more or less damage done after your accident, it is always best to trust what your medical professional tells you regarding your injuries.
No matter whether it’s from your lawyer, your... read article

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How Your Lawyer Can Help With Your TBI

How Your Lawyer Can Help With Your TBITraumatic brain injury is one of the most serious and life changing injuries that anyone can suffer from. It’s so terrible that the impact is equally felt by their loved ones who often have to care from the injured person as they recover, if they are able to recover. While medical professionals will work with you and your loved ones during testing and treatment. Most people don’t consider a lawyer as being important to your recovery, but they can be instrumental in your ability to coping with traumatic brain injury.
What Is Traumatic Brain Injury?
Traumatic brain injury, also known as TBI, occurs when an external mechanical force causes brain dysfunction. This type of injury usually results from a violent blow or jolt to the head. An object that can penetrate the skull such as a bullet or shattered piece of skull may also cause traumatic brain injury.

Mild traumatic brain injury can cause temporary dysfunction of the brain cells. However, more serious types of TBI may result in bruising, torn tissues, bleeding, and other physical damage to the brain that can result in long-term complications... read article

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The VW Scandal Continues

The VW Scandal ContinuesBy now, you have probably heard about the Volkswagen scandal, but in case you haven’t, here are a few things you should know about it. The German automaker, Volkswagen, has admitted to using software in order to evade emissions standards in more than 482,000 of their diesel vehicles in the United States. This enabled the VW cars to emit up to 40 times more pollution than what is permitted by the U.S. Clean Air Act. Unlike most recalls, Volkswagen was completely aware of this and continued to lie.

It wasn’t until the International Council on Clean Transportation, also known as ICCT, performed an independent on-the-road emission tests on several of the Volkswagen vehicles. While testing, the emission performances of several Volkswagen vehicles were much worse than expected and after further testing, they were able to confirm the high emission levels of their diesel vehicles. Now Volkswagen is facing several charges and are losing billions in legal fees and sales.
The Health Risks Of Volkswagen’s Emission Cheating Vehicles
In a study published in the journal Environmental Research Letters, the Volkswagen emissions scandal has directly caused 60 premature deaths and cost hundreds of... read article

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What To Do After A Slip And Fall

What To Do After A Slip And FallFor anyone who has been in a slip and fall accident, you know how stressful and scary the entire process can be. Often slip and fall accidents in Florida are caused by another party’s negligence and they can result in some pretty painful injuries for those who go through them. We know that this can be a pretty confusing experience and so we have a list of things to do and remember after you have suffered a slip and fall accident.
Immediately after suffering a slip and fall accident, you need to call for help. Even if you do not feel that your injuries are severe enough to warrant medical attention, some injuries are not very obvious at first or may not show major symptoms until later on. That aside, having a third party coming in to address your accident can help you out a lot later on in the court process. Paramedics can assess your medical condition and even making a call to the police can create an official report.
Any evidence that could potentially explain or back up your slip and... read article

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What You Should Know About Toy Related Injuries

What You Should Know About Toy Related InjuriesWhen you think of personal injury lawsuits, you often think of auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, and ever the injuries that happen on the job. However, sometimes injuries can come from unexpected places. One of the best examples of this is toy related injuries. With the holidays freshly come and gone, children are out enjoying all of the toys they got over the holidays. However, this also can mean an increase in toy-related injuries.

Each year, thousands of children are injured because of toys every year. In some cases, the accident isn’t actually the fault of the toy manufacturer. However, on occasion an injury may be due to the negligence or recklessness of a manufacturer. So while your children are enjoying their new toys, you may want to know a little more about toy related injuries and what could constitute a personal injury lawsuit.
So just how frequently do these kinds of injuries happen?
Toy related injuries account for roughly 260,000 emergency each year. One third of these accidents involve kids under the age of five years old and two thirds of toy related injuries involving... read article

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Work Compensation: Burn Injury

Work Compensation: Burn InjuryThe U.S. Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), every year more than 5,000 workers are hospitalized after getting burned at the workplace and approximately 200 of the burn injuries suffered are fatal. In fact, burns tend to be among the most serious of all workplace injuries.
The Most Common Workplace Burn Injuries
Believe it or not, there are various different ways to get burned at the workplace and not all burns are the same. Here are just a few of the most common types of burns that happen at the workplace.

Electrical burns – An electrical burn is a result of contact with either alternating current (AC) or direct current (DC). Electrical burns can occur from falling into electrified water, being struck by lightning, or touching a functioning electrical socket or wire.
Chemical burns – A chemical burn happens when a synthetic, corrosive substance comes in contact with any type of soft tissue including skin, eyes, ears, and internal organs. The main type corrosive compounds are acids, bases, oxidizers, solvents, thinning agents, and alkylating agents.
Thermal burns – A thermal burn is caused by contact with a flame, steam, or boiling water (or... read article

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The Risk Of TBI After A Slip And Fall Accident

The Risk Of TBI After A Slip And Fall AccidentSadly, slip and fall accidents are relatively common and TBI isn’t rare either. When the two combine, they create a frustrating situation for everyone involved. A slip and fall accident can easily cause a person to lose their balance and accidentally hit their head. That blunt force trauma can cause traumatic brain injuries even at the most serious of levels. While a slip and fall typically causes a more mild form of traumatic brain injury such as a mild concussion, even a fall that doesn’t seem serious can cause serious and possibly permanent damage on the brain.
The Complicated Nature Of Brain Injuries
Due to the complicated nature of traumatic brain injuries, is can be quite tricky to understand the full effects of your injuries. It’s not like suffering a broken bone or a bruised muscle. An injury to the brain can get worse as time goes by which can result in new symptoms developing later on or changes in the way a person thinks or acts altogether. During a slip and fall, even a fall that seems minor still may result in years... read article

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The Importance Of Defensive Driving

The Importance Of Defensive DrivingQualifying for a driver’s license is a pretty straightforward process, all it takes is sitting through a few classes on basic traffic laws, going on a few practice drives with an instructor, and then going through a test. Once you’ve done all that, you can hop on the road without much trouble. But is that really all it takes to be safe on the road?

Sadly, there are a lot of things that they don’t teach you when you are learning to drive such as the importance of defensive driving.
What Is Defensive Driving?
Essentially, defensive driving is a way to drive that utilizes safe driving strategies to enable motorists to address identified hazards in a more predictable manner. These strategies go well beyond basic instruction on traffic laws and procedures. With defensive driving, car and other vehicle accidents are greatly reduced and you can easily stay safe on the road.

Whether you are just learning to drive or want to keep up on safe driving strategies, it is always a great idea to learn and practice defensive driving. Thankfully most states, including Florida, has courses in defensive driving nearby so... read article

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