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The Legal Troubles Of Pokémon Go

The Legal Troubles Of Pokémon Go Even if you have never played the game, just about everyone knows about the existence of the new Pokémon Go app. This app has encouraged many conflicting opinions from those praising its encouragement of exercise to those condemning its popularity.
What Is Pokémon Go?
While this game has certainly grown in popularity, not everyone knows what this new app is and why it has taken the world by storm. Before Pokémon Go, there was a game for the Gameboy platform known simply as Pokémon. In the Pokémon world, a trainer leaves home in search of monsters, known as Pokémon, to capture and train them in order to battle against other players. This franchise quickly grew in popularity and continues to create additional games as well as a well-known children’s TV show.

As smartphone technology grew, the idea for a Pokémon mobile app that allowed individuals everywhere to catch these virtual monsters and battle other players by traveling around in the real world using GPS signals.
Pubic Property Liability And Distracted Players
While Pokémon Go has been shown to have several benefits, there is a downside that also needs to be... read article

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Are You Liable When Someone Is Injured By A Wild Animal On Your Property

Are You Liable When Someone Is Injured By A Wild Animal On Your PropertySadly, it has only been a few months since a small child had been dragged into a lagoon on the Disney hotel grounds by an alligator. Not only has this story brought tears to our eyes, but it has also raised a question about liability in the case of a wild animal attack.

It is well-known that the owner of a pet is responsible for ensuring that their animal will not harm others except in some cases of self-defense. However, the alligator had not been a pet, but a wild animal. Does that make Disney liable since the attack happened on their property? Or is Disney not liable since they did not own the animal? Likewise, what would happen if someone was attacked by a wild animal on your property?
A Question Of Negligence
It is impossible for someone to predict the actions of a wild animal and it is unlikely that a court or lawyer will accuse you of not exercising enough control over an undomesticated animal.

Legal obligation comes down to whether or not the owner of the property had... read article

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