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What Does Fault Mean In An Auto Accident Personal Injury Case?

What Does Fault Mean In An Auto Accident Personal Injury Case?Florida roads can be dangerous. With nearly twenty million people living in and visiting the state at any time, the simple fact that they're so busy is enough to mean that accidents are common. Add to that things like heavy summer rains, drunk drivers, distracted drivers, and even the sudden rash of defective auto parts and it becomes clear that there are risks associated with travelling.

Of course, there's no way to avoid the need to travel, so it's important to try to be as mindful and safe as possible. But sometimes, the actions of others lead to an accident that can leave you injured and struggling to recover. In these situations, it's important that you not only visit a medical professional but also a legal professional. A good Florida car crash attorney will help determine whether or not you can seek financial compensation for your injuries, and then help you do so.

The key thing that will lie at the heart of your case is fault, and while it's easy to say 'the accident wasn't my fault, it was theirs', there's a... read article

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Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Your Best Friend Following An Accident

Why A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Your Best Friend Following An AccidentThe days, weeks, and even months following an accident of any kind can be difficult. The process of recovery involves physical, emotional, and mental healing. Making things even more complex, many who are injured will find that they have to struggle to heal due to the fact that their finances have been hampered as a result of their accident.

Luckily, a Florida personal injury attorney can help with this. Finding a medical professional to help with your injuries should be your first step after an accident, but the next step after that should be to contact a good personal injury lawyer in Florida. These professionals will become your greatest ally and will help impact your recovery in numerous significant ways.

Whether you think you can handle your personal injury case on your own or aren't even sure that you can seek compensation for your injuries, a lawyer will help you in a wide range of different ways. Here are some of the main ones.

A personal injury attorney starts helping you immediately by helping you determine exactly what your options really... read article

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What You Should Know If Injured By A Defective Product

What You Should Know If Injured By A Defective ProductEvery single year throughout the state of Florida and the rest of the country, people are injured in a variety of accidents. While vehicle accidents are certainly the most common, there are other types that can lead to injuries no less severe. A perfect example of this is when you or a loved one is injured by a defective product. This could be anything from a failing part in a vehicle to a child's toy to a bicycle and beyond, but at their core the basic truth remains the same – the product failed in some way and led to your injuries.

When this happens, there is a chance that you may have the grounds to seek financial compensation for your injuries. This is important since it can help make it easier for you to fully recover from the accident. Your physical injuries are often difficult to overcome, but they're even harder to move on from when you're faced with large doctor bills and the financial strain that lost hours at work can bring.

It's not always possible to get compensation, of course. The... read article

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How Will A Personal Injury Lawyer Go To Work For You?

How Will A Personal Injury Lawyer Go To Work For You?When you're injured in an accident, it's important that you take the time needed to fully recover. This obviously means getting the help from medical professionals so you can physically, mentally, and emotionally heal, but there's another side to it as well – financial recovery. An accident can put a significant strain on your finances including high medical bills, lost wages from time away from work, and more.

Just as medical professionals are there to help you recover physically from your accident, a personal injury lawyer is here to help you recover financially. Getting financial compensation for your injuries allows you to reduce the level of stress that you're feeling and focus on healing instead of on how you're going to pay your next bill.

But just how does a personal injury lawyer go to work for you? What tools and resources do they utilize to make sure you get the compensation that you're owed? These are common, important questions that deserve a closer look.

First, it's worth mentioning that the biggest tool at a good lawyer's disposal is simply their deep pool of... read article

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Warning Signs And Hidden Dangers

Warning Signs And Hidden DangersIt sometimes seems as though warning labels grow with each passing year. Microwave dinners warn you that their contents will be hot once you’ve cooked them, and soup cans carefully explain that the edges around the lid will be sharp once you’ve pried it open. Actually dangerous items like fireworks may require a full side of the box to give you all the warnings and instructions you need to use them safely. The signs at various locations may warn you about such obvious things as “Don’t Touch the Electric Fence” and “Warning: Construction Zone.”

People sometimes complain that these warnings are largely unnecessary and that anyone who can’t figure out what’s right in front of him or her deserves whatever may happen next. But aside from proving that people are generally more compassionate than unforgiving, these warnings serve an important purpose: protection from litigation. By putting up clear warning signs and providing simple instructions, businesses and individuals can make it clear to judges and juries alike that they’ve given people every reasonable chance to avoid harm.

When Warnings Aren’t Enough

Sometimes, though, it doesn’t matter how many warnings are displayed... read article

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Chrysler’s Record Fine May Only Be The Beginning

Chrysler’s Record Fine May Only Be The BeginningThe verdict is in, and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has assigned a record $105 million fine to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles for its failure to maintain federal standards regarding its recalls. Out of the total, $70 million is in cash, $20 million will be spent on meeting federal performance requirements, and the NHTSA is holding the last $15 million in reserve in case they find additional violations in the future.

On top of this fine, the regulators are imposing a buyback program which covers half a million Dodge Ram and Dakota pickup trucks with faulty suspension and 1.5 million Jeep Liberties and Grand Cherokees whose gas tanks are placed so far back that they can rupture and catch fire during a rear-end collision. FCA is also signing an agreement that will allow the federal government to keep a close eye on their recall system for at least three years.

Courting Trouble
However, FCA’s recall woes are likely only just beginning. Investigators have linked at least 75 deaths to the faulty gas tanks alone, and given the evidence the NHTSA has collected regarding the car company’s lack... read article

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Living With A Permanent Injury

Living With A Permanent InjuryA traffic accident can be a life-changing event, even when it’s not a life-ending event.

Most accidents are not terribly remarkable beyond what they do to your insurance premiums. A bent fender here, a dented car door there. No one’s hurt, no one’s put out, you simply trade information with any other drivers involved and move on with your life.

Sometimes, however, you find yourself involved in something a little more serious. Perhaps someone decided to make a left turn as you sped up to beat a yellow light, or maybe your tire simply exploded one day as you drove down the highway and your truck flipped as soon as it hit the ditch along the side of the road. Serious traffic accidents can happen to anyone, and while the police and the insurance companies may care a great deal about who is at fault, identifying the responsible party doesn’t change the number of people who are injured or killed in a given incident.

The Cost Of Living

Under Florida law, anyone who operates a licensed motor vehicle in the state must purchase both traditional liability car insurance which covers damages... read article

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The Necessity Of Premises Liability

The Necessity Of Premises LiabilityThe world can be a dangerous place, and people are sometimes surprisingly fragile. There is a wide variety of places and activities that most people consider safe or harmless, but this is only because of consistently applied safety regulations and inspections. Premises liability or “slip and fall” laws often carry a bad reputation because some people choose to abuse the system, but despite this fact property owners and business operators continue to have an obligation to keep their guests, customers, and residents safe. Premises liability laws are simply the means to enforce this obligation.

Here are a few examples of what it means to keep your home or workplace safe:

Gardens And Parks
Nature is very often an unpredictable and uncontrollable force. A park owner can’t decide when it rains or how often, and he or she can’t control the humidity or predict how many mosquitoes will show up on a given day. However, there are some things which a person can predict and protect against.

For instance, the trees in a cultivated garden or park need regular inspections and trimmings to make sure they don’t overwhelm any power lines... read article

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Food Safety And Responsibility

Food Safety And ResponsibilityThere are a lot of foods out there which have certain inherent dangers attached to them. For instance, you should always wash raw fruits and vegetables to remove any pesticides or dirt which may have survived the trip from farm to grocery store to your refrigerator, and you should always cook meat to the recommended temperature before you even think about eating it. However, the companies that farm and process food also have some responsibility to make sure their products are safe.

A Meaty Issue

As you might guess from the name, the Food and Drug Administration is responsible for making sure that essentially everything that enters our bodies is safe, reliable, and does what the manufacturer says it does and nothing else. However, meat, poultry, and egg products are so consistently dangerous that the federal government has an entirely separate agency for just these foods: the Food Safety and Inspection Service, which operates out of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

In 2014 alone, FSIS recorded 94 recalls which accounted for 18.7 million pounds of food. Many of these recalls were issued because inspectors discovered that the food was... read article

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The Consequences Of A Motorcycle Crash

The Consequences Of A Motorcycle CrashRiding a motorcycle is an exhilarating experience. There’s the roar of the engine between your legs, the feel of the wind rushing past your face, the nearness of the asphalt as you bank into a turn.

But then there are the dangers that come with using a motorcycle. The fact that you’re harder to spot on a motorcycle than in a car. The lack of safety features that fit nicely into a four-wheeled vehicle but simply can’t exist on a motorcycle. The stability issues that come with having only two wheels on the road. Because of issues like these, motorcyclists are five times as likely to be injured than someone in a four-wheeled vehicle in a similar accident.

These are just a few of the injuries a motorcyclist may have to endure that an automobile driver probably won’t:

Head injuries. Between seat belts and airbags, modern car drivers usually don’t have to worry about much more than a case of whiplash and possibly a mild concussion. On the other hand, motorcycle riders who crash into something may wind up flying tens of feet headfirst onto the pavement... read article

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Defensive Driving: It’s Not About Them, It’s About You

Defensive Driving:  It’s Not About Them, It’s About YouCar accidents happen. In 2013 alone there were 5.7 million crashes in the United States serious enough to get police attention, and just under 33 thousand men, women, and children died in these accidents. 2,407 of these deaths occurred in Florida, and while that’s not too bad when you consider we’re the third most populous state in the Union, statistics are cold comfort to the thousands of parents who mourn for their children, the spouses who mourn for their partners, and the brothers and sisters who mourn for their siblings.

What makes car crash fatalities particularly painful is the fact that a lot of them are potentially avoidable. Even in cases where no one is at fault, it may be that if one of the drivers involved was undistracted and knew exactly what to do, the accident would never have occurred. For all the millions of reported accidents, there are millions more too minor to get the police’s attention, and perhaps tens or even hundreds of millions of close calls where nothing happened because at least one person was paying attention and braked... read article

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Don’t Drive Distracted: 5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While Driving

Don’t Drive Distracted:  5 Things You Shouldn’t Do While DrivingDistracted and impaired drivers are among the leading causes of traffic accidents. After all, if someone in front of you does something unpredictable or if a stop sign or a traffic light creeps up on you faster than you expected, you’re going to end up in a heap of trouble. In no particular order, here are a few of the most dangerous things to combine with driving:

Alcohol. Considering all the publicity and the thousands of deaths that stack up year after year, this one should go without saying. Even a modest amount of alcohol will dull your reflexes and start to impair your judgement, which is why state troopers have a much lower tolerance for blood alcohol levels than your liver.
Fatigue. This is another real killer, although it’s harder to prove in court than alcohol. Fatigue slows your reflexes the same as liquor, but it also adds the threat of nodding off while at the wheel. You may only fade out for a single instant, but when you’re going at highway speeds an instant is all you need for... read article

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A Closer Look At Texting And Driving In St Petersburg

A Closer Look At Texting And Driving In St Petersburg As a nation, we've become so attached to our technology that it's hard to imagine a time without it. And while there's no question that the use of technology and mobile devices in particular has helped us in numerous ways, there are also a wide range of negative issues that have come about as a result of our widespread adoption of tech.

A perfect example of this is texting while driving. Texting has become one of the primary ways of carrying on conversations in this country, and it makes sense that as a result the problem of texting while driving continues to grow as well. While most states – including Florida – have taken steps to try to curb the issue, the fact is that there is no good way to completely eradicate the issue.

However, as a motorist there are several key things worth understanding about texting and driving in St Petersburg. This can help you understand the problem and why you should avoid texting, not to mention get a clear idea as to your rights if you're involved in any kind... read article

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Common Auto Accident Injuries And What To Do About Them

Common Auto Accident Injuries And What To Do About Them More than 18 million people live in the state of Florida, and when you factor in the millions who visit every year it isn't hard to see why there are often more people here than nearly anywhere else in the country. That also explains why dozens of accidents occur every day in the St. Petersburg area. Accidents involving automobiles can be incredibly serious, and while many are fairly minor it's still important to recognize just how many drivers are injured in some way or another.

With that in mind, taking a closer look at some of the main injuries that occur is important – as is figuring out what to do if you're involved in an accident of this kind. Knowing the basics of auto accidents, what common injuries occur, and how to manage the days following an injury is important.

First, here are the most common auto accident injuries drivers in the state experience.

Broken Bones
Neck Injuries
Leg Injuries
Back Injuries
Brain Injuries

As you can see reviewing the list above, there's a wide range of common injuries that occur in an accident. But what... read article

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The Difference An Accident Attorney Will Make

The Difference An Accident Attorney Will Make If you've been injured in an accident, you're already well aware of just how difficult the days, weeks, and months following it will be. Your physical and mental recovery will be something that you struggle with immensely, but it's also true that the financial impact of an accident can have a direct impact on your life as well. In fact, financial stress can even lead to difficulty fully recovering physically.

One of the biggest financial challenges is actually just getting the compensation that you're owed. While most people assume that the only hard part is getting compensation from another party, the reality is that under Florida laws it can even be difficult just to get some form of financial restitution from your own insurance company.

No matter the specifics of a case, utilizing the services of a good accident attorney is something that's well worth considering. There are several key differences that you'll experience when you rely on a good personal injury lawyer following a crash. These include the following.

Respect – Insurance companies aren't focused on making sure that you feel good. They're focused... read article

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What To Know About Injuries From Defective Products

What To Know About Injuries From Defective Products More than 18 million people call Florida home, and every day across the state a wide range of accidents and incidents happen. These accidents can lead to everything from minor injuries to serious, life-altering ones to death. While most of the accidents in the state are caused by traffic incidents or workplace ones, another cause exists that deserves closer attention too – injuries caused by defective products.

Defective product injuries cover a lot of ground. From an electronic device at home that electrocutes to a vehicle part that fails and triggers an accident, there are numerous ways that product related injuries can occur. There are a number of things worth keeping in mind concerning this issue, too. These include the following.

First of all, understand the definition of 'defective product'. You can't seek financial restitution if the product failed due to things like misuse or improper care. Instead, the product must fail due to errors in its design, construction, or original installation. Any use must be under normal, suggested conditions. If it's found that you were using the product inappropriately, failed to maintain... read article

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The Main Causes And Outcomes Of Slip And Fall Injuries

The Main Causes And Outcomes Of Slip And Fall Injuries While most people think of automobile accidents when they think of injuries that are caused by an accident, the fact is that there are a lot of other causes out there. One of the biggest is slip and fall injuries. In fact, falls are still the leading cause of personal injury in the state of Florida and in the rest of the nation as well – falls send about 1 million people to medical professionals every year.

These falls can be quite severe at times, causing paralysis, broken bones, head injuries, and even death. There's also no limit to just where slip and fall injuries can occur – from nursing homes to job sites to stores, these accidents happen everywhere. While there is no way to prevent them completely, knowing some of the main causes of a fall is important. Here are the most common causes of these types of injuries in Florida.

Dangerous Walking Conditions – This makes up more than half of all slip and fall accident causes in the country. Slick surfaces, uneven surfaces, and even walking... read article

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