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Slip And Fall Accidents Are More Dangerous Than They Sound

Slip And Fall Accidents Are More Dangerous Than They SoundIt is unfortunate, but slip and fall accidents are not always taken seriously. On many occasions, the episodes are the punchlines of jokes. However, they shouldn't be, and people should take these matters solemnly. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in five falls results in serious injury. Of course, the type of ailment will vary from accident to accident, but they often include issues such as...

• Fractures Or Broken Bones
• Traumatic Brain Injury
• Torn Tendons
• Pulled Muscles

Most people associate slip and fall events with older citizens. They aren't necessarily wrong, as the CDC's research states that 29 million older Americans experienced falls in 2014 alone. However, the episode can affect anyone, any time, and anywhere. For instance, employees that work in a restaurant, retail store, or another industry may trip over uneven surfaces, wires, or boxes and become hurt.

Additionally, with the holidays fast approaching, many homeowners will have guests staying at their houses. Should one of the visitors happen to trip, slip, and fall because of the individual's negligence, the property owner may find him or herself in hot... read article

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Motorcyclists Are Still Out And About During The Winter Months

Motorcyclists Are Still Out And About During The Winter MonthsIn some states, like let's say Michigan or North Dakota, it is highly likely that citizens put their motorcycles away during the wintertime. After all, they have to deal with below-freezing temperatures, snow, and ice. However, when it comes to Florida, bikes can be seen on the highways at any time. Why? Well, the weather is usually great here, regardless of the time of year.

So, Floridian drivers must remain aware and stay on the lookout for motorcyclists during the spring, summer, fall, and winter. Heck, it is already late November, and plenty of riders are still taking their rides out for a spin daily. Unfortunately, on some occasions, doing so gives them more than what they bargained for, though. However, don't merely take our word for it. Instead, view some of these recent stories that made headlines.

• WTSP – Northbound I-275 Reopened After Motorcycle Crash In St. Petersburg
• Tampa Bay Times On MSN.com – Land O' Lakes Motorcyclist Killed In Crash On U.S. Highway 301
• Fox 13 – Motorcyclist Injured In Crash After Car Fails To Slow For Traffic, FHP Says
Many Times,... read article

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Can I Sue If I Have An Auto Accident While On Vacation In Florida?

Can I Sue If I Have An Auto Accident While On Vacation In Florida?They don’t call us the “Sunshine State” for nothing. With an average of 237 days of sunshine and over a thousand miles of coastline, Florida is a prime vacation destination. If you come and visit our state on vacation, you’ll have a wonderful time. That is, unless you get into an auto accident. In that case, not only is your vacation ruined, you may not know what to do to protect yourself in an unfamiliar state. Here is everything vacationers need to know about what to do if they are in a Florida accident.
What Steps Do I Need To Take If I Am Hurt In A Florida Auto Accident?
There are certain steps you need to take if you have been in an accident to help protect your rights:

● Accidents involving injury, death or property damage more than $500 you must contact the police and get a police report
● If you are not injured, you must offer “reasonable assistance” for anyone injured
● Exchange insurance and personal information of the other drivers.
● Get names and contact information of any witnesses
●... read article

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Can I Sue After I’m Injured From A Fall?

Can I Sue After I’m Injured From A Fall?If you slip and fall in Florida you may need compensation for your injuries. These accidents fall under Florida’s personal injury law which can be a bit difficult to understand. However, our team is here to help you understand your rights and what you can do to protect yourself after a fall.
What Defines A Slip And Fall Accident?
The term “slip and fall” refers to any time a person loses their footing on another person’s property, and falls, causing injury. Some examples include:

● Tripping over an object on the sidewalk
● Falling due to a hole, low spot, or crack in the sidewalk.
● Slipping and falling due to a spilled item or standing water.

While people do trip and fall we are talking about a person who falls and injures themselves due to the owner or manager of the property’s negligence. Under the Florida Premises Liability Law, a homeowner, landowner, or business must keep their property in a reasonably safe condition for their customers or guests. If the property owner or manager sees a safety issue and does not fix it quickly, they are negligent. If... read article

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A Crash During The Next Month Or So Could Ruin Your Holiday Season

A Crash During The Next Month Or So Could Ruin Your Holiday SeasonAccording to Florida's Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, the state contained 17,077,316 licensed drivers and 17,006,738 registered vehicles in 2017. It is highly likely that the numbers have increased a little bit since then, though, as we are on the cusp of 2020. In other words, the Sunshine State's roadways have lots of cars on them, both during the day and night. As such, with so many autos and people in one place, accidents are sure to arise from time to time.

However, with the holidays fast approaching, there will probably be plenty of visitors coming in from out of town. Sure, things may get a little more crowded, but these are festive occasions, and we should welcome all of the guests with open arms. After all, whether they are here visiting family/friends, going to an amusement park, or doing something else, they will be purchasing goods and helping our economy continue to thrive.

Still, though, the increased traffic could wind up being a Floridian's worst nightmare. How? Well, if a negligent or reckless operator crashes into his or... read article

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10 Types Of Damages That Can Help You Recover Financially After Your Accident

10 Types Of Damages That Can Help You Recover Financially After Your AccidentIf you have been seriously injured due to an accident or injury, you may be entitled to be compensated from those who are at fault. How much you can recover depends on the type of damage you have incurred due to the accident or injury. This included during and after the incident. An experienced personal injury attorney will review your options and see what you are entitled to under Florida law. Here is a list of 10 types of damages that your personal injury attorney can request from the plaintiff:

• Medical Expenses: All medical bills, current and future. This includes physicians, hospital stays, emergency room and ambulance fees, Therapy and adaptive equipment. You must show that the medical bills are all a result of the injury or accident. Often your attorney will have specialists for you to see to help determine your future medical expenses.

• Lost Wages: These damages is the amount of money you would have earned from the time of the injury to when the case is settled. If you are unemployed at the time of the... read article

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What To Do When You Get Injuries From A Defective Product

What To Do When You Get Injuries From A Defective ProductContrary to what many people think, injuries from defective products are more than just scary stories. These incidents happen in real life. Millions of Americans have to get medical help to attend to injuries related to product defects. The hardest thing is that you may not be able to know about it until it is too late. Toys, cribs, furniture, medical devices, gadgets, and motor vehicles are among the many products that can have defects.
Product Liability
Liability is the first thing to consider in a defective product injury. Who should take responsibility? Based on the law, product liability lies on the manufacturer or seller. The reason behind it is that they are the ones who brought out defective products that reached the hands of consumers. In the United States, product liability claims rely on state laws. There are three main theories of product liability lawsuits that a plaintiff can use – negligence, strict liability, and breach of warranty.

• Negligence theory focuses on the d efendant’s conduct. The plaintiff needs to prove that the defendant committed a wrongful act against him.

• Strict liability... read article

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What To Do After An Accident: A Legal Standpoint

What To Do After An Accident: A Legal StandpointSt. Petersburg’s roads may be well-developed but that doesn’t necessarily mean that accidents don’t happen. As unexpectedness is the nature of accidents, it’s hard to say that you aren’t a few seconds away from a crash that can prevent you from working for a few months. In worst cases, these accidents lead to fatal consequences.

A car crash is physically and financially draining but that doesn’t mean you should lose hope the moment you get involved in one. You should also consider the legal aspect of accidents especially if you are on the right side of the law on this one. Here are some of the things you may need to do if you get involved in an accident.
Don’t Leave The Scene And Don’t Touch Anything
While you may be hurting from the accident, it’s important that you don’t leave the scene of the accident until police arrive. For starters, the other party could tamper with the scene to make it look like that it is you at fault. In the first place, you shouldn’t really move about unless paramedics arrive as there could be... read article

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Types Of Claims After An Accident

Types Of Claims After An AccidentA car accident is one of the last things you’d want to be involved in but sadly, accidents are very unpredictable. One moment, you’re safely driving. The next, you could be in pain after suffering injuries from a car crash. It’s a debilitating event that you should always be prepared for both mentally and financially.

If you are considered as the “victim” in the accident, then your losses may be substantially cut because of the settlement you can receive. In fact, even your family members are entitled to these settlements if they are affected by the accident as well. It’s important to know what kind of legal compensation you can get after an accident and we’re listing them out here.
Future Medical Expenses
Some injuries will take further rehabilitation years after the accident. If the plaintiff, in this case, you, proves that you will need to make these expenses in the future, then the other party will be held liable for paying for these bills. The usual proof that the judge and jury are looking for is the opinion of a licensed medical professional who will do the treatment... read article

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Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit

Tips For Getting The Best Results From Your Motorcycle Accident LawsuitMotorcycles can give you the freedom you have always dreamed of, and few things can compare to the sensation of the open road on a bike. But motorcycles do carry some risks, and for those who are involved in an accident on a motorcycle the fact is that the injuries you sustain can be much greater than those you would experience in a car or truck. After all, there is little between you and the road on a bike.

This means that injuries can be more severe, and can involve a much longer recovery time when a motorcycle is involved. Motorcycle accidents can leave you struggling physically as well as financially, and making a full recovery isn’t always easy to do when you consider just how long the road to recovery can be.

However, if your accident was caused by the reckless or negligent actions of someone else, you do have the right to file a motorcycle accident lawsuit and get the compensation that you’re owed. And when this is the situation you’re facing, there are several steps worth remembering that can... read article

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