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Commercial Crash: Common Lawsuits In Common Carrier Crashes

Commercial Crash: Common Lawsuits in Common Carrier Crashes

Whether it is a transport truck, a taxi, or a delivery van, commercial vehicles are always on the road. Depending on the extent of the crash, getting into this kind of vehicular accident can be especially troublesome, given the nuance of a third party at play.

When you have unwittingly collided with a commercial vehicle on the road, be prepared for three common lawsuits from all sides of the court. It is good to know what you can do, whether you are the driver of a commercial vehicle, the driver of a private vehicle in the accident or a passenger.

Defining Commercial

Commercial vehicles
are those that are used for commercial and business purposes. This can involve company cars,
delivery trucks, shuttles, ride-sharing vehicles, and rentals.

These vehicles also
need insurance, so accidents will need to be covered by commercial auto
insurance once the liability is proven to be on the side of the commercial
vehicle driver. 

Suing as a Passenger

Passengers aboard the
commercial vehicle... read article

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Personal Injury: Understanding Florida Law

Personal Injury: Understanding Florida Law

Accidents happen every day. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, you end up being involved in one. Whether it is due to slip and fall or even from a dog bite, if you get injured in Florida, you should look into a lawyer. It has to be a priority, especially if someone else is to blame for your injury.
However, to win a case, you have to be able to show that the injuries you have acquired are because of the carelessness or negligence of another person. To do this, you may have to investigate some things. You also need to provide evidence.
What To Do
If you become a victim of personal injury, you will have to preserve as much evidence as you can. Here are a few things you can do if you can move:

List everything you remember about the incident. If there are any witnesses, get their names and contact information.Report everything to authorities. If it involves animals, contact animal control. If it is an accident, call the local police or sheriff.Take photos of visible injuries or property damages.Consult a lawyer. A... read article

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How A Pre-Existing Condition Can Impact Your Settlement

How A Pre-Existing Condition Can Impact Your Settlement

When you file a claim for a personal injury, the insurance companies will investigate your whole medical history. They do this to find ways to get out of your claim. For example, imagine if you injured your back and sought medical treatment five years ago. Then when the accident happened, you sustained a back injury. They may use the injury from years ago to argue that your new injuries are the result of a pre-existing condition and not the accident. If they are successful, they may be able to get out of paying the full compensation you are legally owed.

What The Insurance Companies Will Argue

The insurance companies are in the business of protecting
their profits, so they will do anything to get out of paying a fair claim. We’ve
seen insurance companies use a number of arguments against people with
pre-existing conditions including:

Your injuries were not from the accident but are
from the pre-existing conditionYour injuries were the result of overmedication
or that your medication contributed to the accidentYour pre-existing condition contributed... read article

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Four Dirty Tricks Florida Insurance Companies Use Against Auto Accident Victims

Four Dirty Tricks Florida Insurance Companies Use Against Auto Accident Victims

No matter how nice the insurance adjuster seems, they are not your friend. Insurance adjusters work for the insurance company and their whole job is to reduce the value of a claim. In order to do this, many of them use very sneaky and underhanded tricks to get out of paying victims a fair claim. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident, it is critical you understand these tricks in order to protect yourself. Here are just four of the most common dirty tricks we’ve seen Florida insurance companies pull on victims just like you.

Spying On You

Insurance companies will hire private investigators to spy
on you. They will follow you on your daily routine, dig into your past, and
even scroll through all your social media accounts. They do this to find
anything they can to undermine your credibility and “prove” you are lying about
your injuries. After filing a claim, be careful about what you do, because
anything they find will be used against you.

Hidden Clauses
... read article

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How To Avoid Rear End Collisions

 How to Avoid Rear End Collisions

Rear end collisions are very common auto accidents that occur in Florida. This kind of accident can ultimately leave a driver and passengers suffering from serious injuries that can also result in more long term problems down the road. For this reason, it is important to understand how rear collisions happen so you can learn better ways to prevent them and keep everyone much safer on the road.

What Is a Rear End Collision?

A rear end collision happens when a vehicle slams into the
vehicle in front of it. This is usually the result of a driver failing to stop
in time. Rear end collisions can result in a number of serious injuries as
well, including traumatic brain injury, spinal cord damage, whiplash, broken
bones, sprains, strains, crushing damage, and even amputations in some cases.

Causes of Rear End Collisions

While there are many causes for rear end collisions, the
most common is distracted driving. When distracted, the driver fails to notice
that the car in front of them has stopped so they... read article

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Social Media And Your Personal Injury Claim

Social Media and Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media platforms are heavily used today, and they continue to grow in popularity. However, when using these social media platforms, it is important to practice caution. You should always be careful about what you are posting on social media because everyone will be able to see it, and sometimes it can come back to haunt you.

Admissible Evidence

In Florida, "all relevant evidence is admissible, except as provided by law." Another general rule under Title VII, Chapter 90, Evidence Code is that "relevant evidence is evidence tending to prove or disprove a material fact and relevant evidence is inadmissible if its probative value is substantially outweighed by the danger of unfair prejudice, justice, confusion of issues, misleading the jury, or needless presentation of cumulative evidence."

This means that social media may prove to be relevant evidence
in the case of a personal injury claim and can ultimately be used to disprove
your case. So, if there is an image or a post on your social media platforms
that can disprove your claim... read article

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Short Term And Long Term Costs Of A Motorcycle Accident

Short Term and Long Term Costs of a Motorcycle Accident

When you suffer as a result of a motorcycle accident, you will find that there are immediate and long term expenses that may come up. Sometimes the injuries sustained due to another driver's negligence on the road can be catastrophic and very costly.

Some motorcycle accident victims may also require lifetime care and assistance. If this sounds familiar and has happened to you or a loved one, you should consult immediately with a motorcycle accident lawyer.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

When you are riding a motorcycle, you don't have as much
protection as you would if you were in a vehicle. This means that during a
motorcycle accident, the rider risks being thrown from the bike. Even when
wearing protective gear, you can still suffer massive injuries due to the fall
and other vehicles around.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Florida law states that riders 21 and over do not have to
wear a helmet. However, these riders also must carry a minimum of $100,000 in
medical... read article

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Following Each Step In The Personal Injury Lawsuit Process


For many of us, filing a personal injury lawsuit won't happen more than once in our lifetime. For this reason, some of us may find it to be a more challenging process, and one that is complicated to navigate since we don’t usually find ourselves faced with this kind of claim process.

Some may also be unaware of exactly what needs to be done, what evidence they need when filing, and how long the entire process will take from start to finish. Today we will go over a few of these steps to give you a better idea about the process and what needs to be done to ensure fair compensation.

Step One: Find an Attorney

Following your injuries, you want to find an experienced personal injury attorney to help walk you through the process. If you have suffered injuries and experienced soft tissue damage, traumatic brain injury, or broken bones, you want to consult with an attorney so they can tell you exactly what it is you can expect during the process.

They will... read article

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What To Do When You’ve Been Injured By A Defective Product

What To Do When You’ve Been Injured By A Defective Product Whether it’s a vehicle, a kitchen appliance, a cosmetics tool, or any product you purchase from a store, you have a certain expectation of safety. However, you don’t always receive that standard of care, and when this happens, you may find yourself with an injury due to a defective product. Defective products can lead to auto accidents and other personal injury situations, leaving you with mounting medical costs and potentially long recovery times.

When you’re injured after using a product, you may be entitled to compensation, but you will need to know how to approach the situation in the correct way. There are many different types of defective products, and knowing what you’re working with is the first step to forming your case. The three types of product liability cases when dealing with a defective product are:

• Design defects – In some instances, an entire line of products will have some type of core flaw that will cause them to work improperly even if they’re being used in the correct way. This usually stems from some portion of the product not... read article

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The Mistakes You Might Be Making To Hurt Your Car Accident Settlement

The Mistakes You Might Be Making To Hurt Your Car Accident Settlement After you’ve been in a car accident, you may believe that you’ve set yourself up for your best possible settlement or insurance payout situation. You experienced the accident, you collected evidence, and you’ve contacted your St. Pete’s car accident lawyer – you’ve done your job, right? What many motorists in the area don’t realize is that the actions they take after their accident could be hurting their chance at compensation, even if they’ve taken the aforementioned steps. At TheStPeteLawyer.com, we want to make sure you have your best possible opportunity to receive the compensation you deserve, and this means knowing what mistakes you could be making to hurt your potential settlement

Common mistakes made by motorists after a car accident in the St. Petersburg area are:

• Failing to seek medical attention in time – If you fail to seek medical attention in time, you could harm or eliminate your chance at compensation. This will occur after the accident but typically before contacting your attorney, as you wait a few days to see if your injuries heal on their own. It’s... read article

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